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November 3, 2008

Fantasy Football

Hello all, and welcome to November.

First, I want you to notice the title. Not for the words that are there, so much as for those that are not. I've decided to drop my "In which..." affectation and just get back to regular post titles. After "In which"ing for--what, two years?--I finally realized that it's quite a bit twee so I decided to stop. If you enjoyed it, please comment. Maybe I'll throw one in now and then to placate my many fans.

On the fantasy football front, Sandy Springs FFC has lost again and falls to 3-6. This week it was a wrenching 16-14 loss to Men O'War with the wrong kicker in the lineup. Again. Sigh. Next week is Munchen Mavericks, who are 2-7. Hopefully we can turn it around make a late playoff run. Here we go, quois?

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