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October 28, 2008

In which 3 is the magic number

It appears to be, anyway, as Sandy Springs FFC is stuck on three wins for the season. A 29-11 loss to the undefeated Slate River Sharks drops the record to 3-5 on the season. SRS RB LenDale White outscored SFC all by himself, 12-11. I always think that's kind of cool, even when it happens to me. There were enough points on the bench to win, but I wouldn't have started Leon Washington (15 points), Matt Jones (3 points) and Kerry Collins (1 point) over the guys I did start. There used to be some sort of award I'd give on the website to teams with this sort of hypothetical win but I don't remember what it was called and I'm too lazy to go pore through the archives to find it. SFC falls back to #12 in the Power Ranking.

Next week's opponent is 2-5-1 Men O'War, ranked #9. The website has set MOW as the early 6 point favorite, but you never know. That's why they play the game.

October 22, 2008

In which I found a really cool video

I found out about this video through another blog, thought I'd share. It's a nifty mash-up of Gwen Stefani's "Holla Back Girl" and the Soggy Bottom Boys' "Man Of Constant Sorrow".

October 21, 2008

In which Ryan Longwell is the MAN

Sandy Springs FFC goes to 3-4 with a 23-8 thrashing of Chunky Soup. Ryan Longwell outscored Soup all by himself with 11 points. On the bench, Wes Welker and Leon Washington scored their first TD's of the year, giving hope for the rest of the year. WR Matt Jones is suspended for three games and RB Shaun Alexander did a lot less with Washington than I'd hoped he would, so having Welker and Leon step up will come in handy. Steve Slaton continues to impress in his rookie year as well, scoring his fifth TD of the year. SFC raises back to #10 in the Power Ranking and, even at 3-4, is only one game out of first place in the division aw yeh come on.

Next week's opponents are Slate River Sharks, who are 7-0, the only undefeated team in the league. Their efforts are usually led by QB Philip Rivers and RB's Brandon Jacobs and LenDale White.

Slate River, prepare to take your first loss. WhoahPOW!

October 18, 2008

In which I try to catch up

I never wrote about fantasy football earlier in the week. Sandy Springs FFC got beat again, losing to Outlaws 33-25. That drops the record to 2-4. To make matters worse, Jon Kitna went on IR this week, making my two top QB's from last year hurt. I now have a QB corps of Kerry Collins and Jeff Garcia. We'll see. I also picked up Shaun Alexander in a move to possibly strengthen my RB crew. No idea how much work he'll get in Washington, but with Mojo on bye this week he'll probably get a start for SFC.

The other fun from today was that Da Bunch had gender-specific outings. The ladies (Darlene, Sabrina, the twins and Sage) went to the church for a mother-daughters banquet. I suspect Darlene will write about it in her own blog, so I'll only say that everyone won door prizes of some sort and they seemed to have a great time all the way around.

The Ladies

In the meantime, Steven and I went to the opening night Gwinnett Gladiators game at the Gwinnett Arena. They beat the Mississippi Sea Wolves 6-2. It was an extremely chippy game, with penalties all over the place. Gwinnett scored four power play goals. Steven was happy to get to see a fight. It wasn't a very long fight, a couple of good shots and it was over. The Gwinnett fighter won. It was nothing like the fight Wanda and I saw that time at the Knights game when that guy leveled Wayne Gretzky's brother (on his birthday, no less) and the teams fought for 20 minutes. That one was straight out of Slap Shot. I don't know if I'll ever see anything to top that. Still, we had a great night. I wore my Knights jersey. Exchanged greetings with a couple of other Knights jerseys and had a short conversation with a guy who said he was a referee in the IHL. That was pretty cool. It was fun. Hockey is cool.

The Gentlemen

The View From Section 312

October 7, 2008

In which I guess right but it doesn't matter

I picked the kicker who scored the most points but I would have won anyway! That's right, Sandy Springs FFC defeated Sea Stags 33-27 on the strength of 15 points from K Ryan Longwell and 12 points RB Steve Slaton. RB Maurice Jones-Drew added the final 6 points. SFC is now 2-3 and are ranked #10 in the Power Rankings. Outlaws are the opponenets this week. They are 1-4 and are ranked #12. Their efforts have been led by QB David Garrard and WR DeSean Jackson and they are the early 1 pt favorite. We'll see what happens.

October 5, 2008

In which I tidy my virtual attic

I've been meaning to do this for a while now, and I have finally gotten around to it. I mirrored all the entries from my old LiveJournal blog over to this one. It's only nine entries and it doesn't really mean anything other than that all the blog entries I've ever written are now available under one archive. Eventually I may mirror all my Blogger entries over to LJ. Maybe not. I stopped posting to that blog when I started this one in September 2005 but the account is still active. I use it to comment on other LJ blogs from time to time, so it might have some benefit to have all my blog entries archived over there as well. I dunno.

Anyway, if you go to the archives for this blog (calendar thingy over on the right sidebar and down a bit) you'll find the old entries that have been mirrored in the months of September 2005 and earlier. I clearly labeled the ones that came over from the old blog. You'll see what I mean. If you're interested. I wouldn't blame you if you weren't. That is all. Support your local bloggers.

October 4, 2008

In which we saw a great concert

Sage is visiting this weekend and it was a beautiful day today so we decided to go to Riverside Park and play. We got there about 5:30 and saw that they were setting up for a concert. We did some checking and found out that today was the last concert in their free summer concert series. On the spur of the moment we decided to stay and check it out. I went home and got chairs and snacks and we wound up thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

The artist was Michelle Malone. She's been a fixture on the Atlanta music scene since the late 1980's, collaborating over the years with artists like Indigo Girls, Shawn Mullins, and Kristen Hall (who was one of the founders of Sugarland). She has a definite blues vibe, from the Janis Joplin/Melissa Etheridge school with some Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow thrown in now and then. I wasn't familiar with her music, but I've heard of her many times over the years so I was excited to get to see her.

The girls went up by the stage and spent most of the night dancing. Darlene, Sabrina, Gracie and I hung out at the chairs. I spent my time butt-dancing and Gracie went to sleep in Darlene's lap. During the intermission I purchased Malone's newest CD, Sugarfoot. She was at the merchandise table so I was able to get it autographed. The second half of the show featured the original members of her early 1990's band Drag The River and they played several songs from their 1990 album. It was a fantastic show.

I would definitely recommend Malone's music to anyone who likes blues guitar and an honest delivery. I came home and immediately signed up for her e-mail list. I'd pay to see her again. Her website is here and features sound clips. Good stuff. I'm glad we went to the park this afternoon.

October 1, 2008

In which we lose again

At some point I will blog about something other than fantasy football again, but it won't be tonight.

Sandy Springs FFC lost to Egomaniacs last weekend 29-17 to fall to 1-3 on the season. Steve Slaton and Matt Jones both scored for SFC, justifying my decisions to pick them up. That's always gratifying. 20 of Ego's 29 points came from LaDanian Tomlinson and Nate Kaeding during the second half of the Raiders-Chargers game. If the Raiders could have held it together Lane Kiffin might still have a job and SFC might be 2-2. Oh well.

This week's opponents are Sea Stags, who are currently 0-3-1. It is telling, I think, that the website lists Der Stag as the early 3 point favorite. SFC will be without the services of suspended WR Plexiglas Burress. SS is led by Big Ben Roethlisberger, Larry Johnson, Randy Moss, and Marvin Harrison. Wow! No wonder he hasn't won a game yet!

Anyway, tune in next week and see how we did.