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October 1, 2009

On the road

Have you ever been to Dawsonville, Georgia? It's about 40 miles north of our place, straight out Georgia 400. My Uncle Bubber and Aunt Pauline lived there a few years ago and we used to go see them.

There's some pretty cool stuff to do out that way. Bill Elliott Racing maintains a museum in Dawsonville. Supposedly it has all sorts of "Awesome Bill from Dawsonville" memorabilia and stuff. It's free, I think. There's also a nice outlet mall up that way that's not too bad. It's centrally located for Dahlonega and Lake Lanier and Amicalola Falls and some of the other North Georgia sites to see. It's a nice area.

You know why I'm telling you all this about Dawsonville? So when you come visit us up there you'll have an idea of what there is to do. That's right! The Brady Bunch is MOVING TO DAWSONVILLE!

That's right--we're leaving Sandy Springs behind. Some friends of ours rented a house up that way that has 3BR/2BA downstairs, and a completely separate upstairs wing that also has 3BR/2BA. There is a kitchen separating them and each wing has its own entrance and exit to the outside.. They invited us to move up and split the house with them, and we decided to take advantage of the offer.

They will live in the upstairs wing, and we will live downstairs. It will be like a duplex. We're calling it the "duplay" in an effort to sound all highfalutin'. We'll split the kitchen and all the bills, so we expect our expenditures to go way down. We're going to see if we can actually save some money now.

We're really looking forward to it. There's a park not far away that is part of the Lake Lanier system, so we might get the chance for some aquatic fun if things work out. The kids will be going to Dawson County schools, and we are hoping the change will work for them. The school they are in down here (as well as our neighborhood) has been going downhill the last couple of years. We don't feel it's as safe and neighborly as it used to be, so we are jumping at the chance to move into a better environment.

Hopefully it will be a good move for everyone. Darlene's and my commutes are going to be a lot longer but we feel it is worth it to be in a better place. We started the moving process yesterday with Darlene bringing some boxes home from work. We're hoping to be fully moved and have the kids starting school up there on October 19. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, whatever you do for luck and good fortune, do it for us as we move. I'll keep you up to date with what's going on as the next couple of weeks go by. We'll be going up there Saturday to take a load of stuff. We'll try to get some pictures and I'll post them as soon as I can.

in other news, for you Sandy Springs FFC fans, this past weekend marked the first win of the season, a 57-41 thrashing of Sea Stags, raising the record to 1-2. The 57 points is one of the highest in franchise history. Might be the actual highest, but I'm too lazy to check. "Mojo" Maurice Jones-Drew scored three TD's and Percy Harvin ran a kickoff back for a TD. Between them they scored 36 points and everyone else did what was needed. It was a good week. This week's opponent is 2-1 Hook-Ups. Should be a good one.

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