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November 6, 2008


They were looking for some help at church in the choir for the Christmas season, so Darlene and I decided to join up. This isn't a choir like the one Ben and Wanda have been associated with at St. Philip's. They don't wear robes and sing in perfect four-part harmony. It's a small group (it's ranged anywhere from 3-12 people since we've been going, depending on who's at church on any given Sunday) of regular people who want to stand up and sing. It's a great group of people and it's the kind of choir I can be comfortable being a part of. I'm looking forward to learning the Christmas music. The songs we started with tonight were pretty cool. So now the whole family is involved in the Christmas celebration at church. Darlene and I are in the choir and the kids (even Sage) are all part of the youth group's Christmas play. More updates as events warrant, I'm sure.


Wanda said...

Awesome. Go Sammy and Darlene! Sam, you remember Zack Martin from Parkview, right?

Sam Brady said...

I do remember Zack. I didn't know him very well as I recall, but I remember the name at least.