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March 29, 2006

Three Thousand Words

Just some pictures taken with the new camera, that I thought would be fun to post. Enjoy!

The Brady Bunch kids at Everybody's Pizza

Your faithful blogger and his better half

The new monitor and kitchen desk/setup!

In which random geek talk continues

This is another one of those instances wherein I don't really have anything to say, but still feel compelled to write something to keep my journal active. I assume people are dialing in to read what I have to say, and it's been a month since anything new was said, so I’ve been neglecting my fans. If you're dialing in today, hi! Welcome! Look, there’s new stuff to read! Leave a comment and say hello!

I'm getting married two weeks from Saturday. The house is slowly transforming from my home into our home. The kids' bunk bed has come down and is living in the extra bedroom. As discussed before, the computer has migrated to the kitchen. The one big piece of news on that front, is that we have a flat-panel monitor now. Darlene got me a 19" Dell model as a wedding present. I got her a digital camera.

Not much else going on, except for talking to Darlene on the phone, wedding preparation and getting nervous. As you can see, my life is pretty much revolving around her right now. I expect it will be, for quite a few years to come. Sage and I will be driving to Maggie Valley to hang out with them this weekend, then I'll be flying to Fayetteville next weekend to visit for Pop's birthday. We'll all be driving home together that Sunday--that's the actual move--then the wedding will be a week after that. I can't wait!

Ben and Wanda came over last night and we watched 24 and The Unit, then Ben and I played about two hours of Forza Motorsport. We aren't at all skilled, but we are wicked enthusiastic. Our cars were much-dented at the end of each race. The most memorable encounter was on the Tokyo circuit, where the cars come out of a tunnel right into the teeth of a 180-degree hairpin turn. The first time we got there, we both ran headlong into the back wall of the turn, not knowing the turn was there. As the session went on, my strategy on that turn developed: approach at full speed (we don't need no stinkin' brakes!), attempt to slew the car about as I approach, slam into the wall, and see if I can angle it right so as to rebound off the wall in the proper direction for the next straightway. It was like billiards. He usually beat me in the races but it was still fun. There was much muttering and cursing and name-calling as we tried to spin each other out at every opportunity. Wanda slept on the couch as we geeked out. It was fun! Hi, Ben and Wanda!

I guess that's it for now. I said I didn't have much to say, and I'm not sure how much I actually did say, but there you go. At least my journal is updated.

17 days till the wedding!