I have created another blog to give updates on my writing efforts. You can find it here.

September 24, 2009

Lordy, Lordy

I turned 40 on Tuesday. I'm not going to ponder on it because to me it's not a big deal. I had another birthday. We ate at Golden Corral. Whee! Happy Birthday, me!

Sandy Springs FFC fell to 0-2 on the season. Week 1 was a 31-25 loss to MacBain, and Week 3 was a sad 26-15 defeat at the hands of a previously toothless Lethal Weapon 4 squad. Tom Brady didn't do anything for me. Week 3 is next, with 2-0 Sea Stags on the schedule. Karl's guys are always tough. We'll see what happens.

Not much else going on, so I'm out. Peace. Support your local bloggers.

September 13, 2009

Catching up is hard to do

Ich bin ein Blogslacker. It's been a long time since I've updated here. I've done a bit of updating on my my writing blog from time to time over the summer, but not here. I've spent most of my free time on Facebook playing bloody Farmville. I haven't even played my Webkinz lately--only three times in the last two months or something. Poor Fletcher is probably sitting there all, "uh....".

So much has happened this summer. It's hard to figure out what exactly is the coolest thing to tell you. I suppose the coolest thing is that Lynn and Brad, our friends from church, adopted a lovely newborn baby boy named Bailey and asked Darlene and me to be his godparents. He's about two months old now. That was cool, and we've enjoyed getting to know him (and them) better over the last few weeks. We babysat today, in fact, and Darlene and me, and her parents, and Bailey all went to IHOP. Bailey had French toast. It was cool.

The Godbaby

I'm still digging my job and the rest of the family is back in school. The twins are in the 6th grade and Steven is in the 8th. They're all at the same school and their school has made the big switch to wearing uniforms this year. That's been different. Sage is in the 3rd grade and is having a good time, and Darlene has started a new year with 2,000 clowns in the cafeteria. Gracie is just a clown in her own right, as usual.

I've been doing some writing on and off. I submitted a short story to an online SF/Fantasy magazine about a month ago and am anxiously awaiting a response. Nanowrimo is coming up in November and I'm going to be making a push on that again. Like I said above, I updated my writing blog a few times during the summer. I will be doing a restatement of purpose over there in the next few days--laying out what I hope to accomplish over the next few months. I do that from time to time so I can actually have a list of goals to look back on in February and say, "Man, I meant to do that." Keep an eye on the writing blog. Here's the link again. Set a bookmark. Hit the RSS feed, whatever. Check it out!

The other thing that's going to be trying to bring me back here over the next few months will be my fantasy football updates. My UFFL team is currently behind in Week 1, 31-19, with Cousin Tom Brady and Wes Welker playing tomorrow night. I have a couple of other teams on Facebook and Yahoo, but as usual I'll try to limit my fantasy sportswriting to the UFFL front, as that's my first love as far as fantasy football goes.

I think that's all I really have to say right now. With football starting up I should be a more frequent poster. Summer is always a slow time for the blog. Autumn should pick it back up nicely. Take care, and please support your local blogger. And add comments, darn it!