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October 5, 2008

In which I tidy my virtual attic

I've been meaning to do this for a while now, and I have finally gotten around to it. I mirrored all the entries from my old LiveJournal blog over to this one. It's only nine entries and it doesn't really mean anything other than that all the blog entries I've ever written are now available under one archive. Eventually I may mirror all my Blogger entries over to LJ. Maybe not. I stopped posting to that blog when I started this one in September 2005 but the account is still active. I use it to comment on other LJ blogs from time to time, so it might have some benefit to have all my blog entries archived over there as well. I dunno.

Anyway, if you go to the archives for this blog (calendar thingy over on the right sidebar and down a bit) you'll find the old entries that have been mirrored in the months of September 2005 and earlier. I clearly labeled the ones that came over from the old blog. You'll see what I mean. If you're interested. I wouldn't blame you if you weren't. That is all. Support your local bloggers.

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