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October 7, 2008

In which I guess right but it doesn't matter

I picked the kicker who scored the most points but I would have won anyway! That's right, Sandy Springs FFC defeated Sea Stags 33-27 on the strength of 15 points from K Ryan Longwell and 12 points RB Steve Slaton. RB Maurice Jones-Drew added the final 6 points. SFC is now 2-3 and are ranked #10 in the Power Rankings. Outlaws are the opponenets this week. They are 1-4 and are ranked #12. Their efforts have been led by QB David Garrard and WR DeSean Jackson and they are the early 1 pt favorite. We'll see what happens.

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Rake said...


I, myself, am on a 2 week slide after starting off great. Marion Barber and Calvin Johnson have let me down big time the last two weeks. I may have to boot one or both! I really wish GT star Calvin could get with a good passing team. He would be incredible.