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September 15, 2008

In which I still can't pick a kicker

A mixed week in fantasy football. It was a good one for roster adjustments. I put Tom Brady and Nate Burleson on IR and added Kerry Collins and Matt Jones off the waiver wire as replacements. The Jones pick in particular has brought me ridicule from certain segments of UFFL ownership, but I stand beside my waivery acumen!

As for the game, not so good. SFC is now 0-2 after a disheartening 24-22 loss to Renegade Rebels. Donovan McNabb's Monday night TD pass provided the victory for RR. For the second week in a row I would have won had I started my other kicker. This week I left Ryan Longwell and his 18 points on the bench. I think my method for choosing kickers from now on will be to pick the one I want to start then actually start the other one. Or cut one of them so I don't have a choice any more.

At least I'm not at the bottom of the Power Rankings. That honor goes to Lethal Weapon 4, who have 10 players on their 18-player roster who aren't even active in the league right now. He can't even field a complete team because he only has one WR who actually plays! He started Keyshawn Johnson at WR this week! And I get grief for picking up Matt Jones. Hmph.

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Rake said...

I am currently 2-0. I won this past week 95 to 70. I am 2nd in the power rankings.

Luck of a newbie!