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September 9, 2008

In which I'm ready for some football!

This past weekend signaled the official start of the football season. The NFL kicked off for the first time and high schools and colleges got into full swing as well.

We went over to my alma mater on Friday, Parkview High School, and watched them dismantle the Cougars of Chattahoochee High School, which is where my wife works. It was the second game of the season for each team, and each had lost their game in week one. Hooch had a pretty good team last year, and Parkview was a little down, but Parkview had no trouble with them in a 49-12 romp. Parkview had two running backs near 200 yards rushing. Unfortunately for Hooch players and fans this was a common sight during the game:

(Picture courtesy of CHS's Football Photo Gallery. Lots of great game photos to view there. Check it out!)

Parkview goes to 1-1 and Hooch falls to 0-2. The orange-clad Sam was happy, and the blue-and-yellow Bunch was not. Steven put blue hair gel in, so his tips were blue. It was pretty cool. We sat on the Hooch side (which got me, in my orange hat and shirt, some dirty looks) next to the band, who were rocking, even if their team was struggling. Hooch won halftime by a mile. That's a good band. We're looking forward to going to more Chattahoochee games later this fall.

Along with the beginning of the NFL season (Go Falcons!), UFFL fantasy football got underway as well. It did not go well in Week 1 for Sandy Springs FFC. I was matched up against Hook-Ups, run by Jimmy Woo. To quote from Bill Carrier's commentary:

"HU held on for a 10-7 win over SFC - HU's third straight season opening win. It was a brutal week for SFC, as MVP Tom Brady was lost for the season in the first quarter of Week 1. WR Nate Burleson was also hurt and is out for the season. Rubbing salt in the wound, SFC scored no TDs in Week 1 and only received points from K Ryan Longwell. The loss also broke a 4 game Week 1 win streak for SFC - SFC previously had not lost a season opener since 2002."

That's right. I lost two players to injury in the first week. In a way it's funny, because this solves the bye week problem I mentioned before. All I have to do is put them on IR and pick up (or trade for) players who aren't on bye in Week 4. Then again, it is Tom Brady that I lost, and Burleson was going to be one of my top WR threats this year. Carrier has already made me a trade offer to restock the positions. No idea yet if I'll take it or not. I play him this week, so I have to figure out if he's trying to dump his dross on me just as we're about to play. I suspect he is. He's such a con man when it comes to fantasy football. We have a history when it comes to trades though: I traded him Rick Mirer for J.J. Stokes once. Or was it the other way around? Does it matter? Either way, I'll likely have Jon Kitna at QB this week, unless I can land a stud QB in a trade. There's really no one except J.T. O'Sullivan on the waiver wire, and I'm not sure I'm ready to go there. We'll see. Update later this week, probably.

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Anonymous said...

Con man? Geez, you make a guy a fair trade offer and it gets interpreted as some sort of sleazy con attempt...

Rake said...

Hate to hear about the loss of key players.

If I could, we could work out a trade for my back up Phillips Rivers. but Cross league trades are probably against the rules.

I need to work out the schedule to make it to a Northgate High school game this season - Go Vikings!