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April 1, 2008

In which we were a man (and 10 runs) short

We played last night with only 9 players. ESAB was the opponent and they came into the night undefeated. They came out of it undefeated as well, beating us 13-3. It was another case of us playing well and staying close, then giving up 6 runs in the next to last inning. We had only three outfielders and they took advantage of the wide open spaces to rack up several inside the park HRs. I got on base once via a walk and was 0-2 in my other appearances, my worst night of the year at the plate.

Darlene and the kids came, as did my parents and my niece Mia. They all had a good time cheering. I wish we could have won it for them. We fall to 1-6. Next week brings a rematch with LifePoint Church, who beat us 17-1 in the first week of the season. As it turns out, going into last night that has been their only victory of the season. Figures. Hopefully we'll do better against them next week. Maybe they'll ask us to pray with them again.

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What a cool blog, i like your writings! you like harry potter? how's your favourite character?