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April 8, 2008

In which we play well but lose anyway

We're 1-7 now. We played LifePoint Church. They beat us again, then they prayed with us again. It was only 13-3 this time, so we were a little better than before. It's too bad, really--we hung close then gave up like 6 runs in the next to last inning. Same thing has happened three or four times this year. We close the season next week with a doubleheader vs. Wild Wings (who beat us 11-7 earlier this year) and Bo's All-Stars, who we haven't played yet, and who have yet to win a game. Maybe we can win that one! We'll see.

Mom and Dad came to the game. Mom brought her camera and took a bunch of pictures and shot some little videos. I've got some of them here. Enjoy!

Your faithful blogger

Here's the pitch!

Eat your heart out, Bob Uecker

Keeping an eye on the ball

Didn't miss this one!


Darlene Brady said...

Keep playing catcher like that Baby and the braves will be calling you soon. You are so cute in your little shorts.... love those sexy legs......mmmmmmmm..I love you and miss you so much see you on Friday....

Rake said...

You like those white legs????

just kidding... good job.

I just glad you didn't swing at the pitch in the first video.

Sam Brady said...

If I'd had my six iron I probably would have. Alas.