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March 25, 2008

In which we really got hammered

The softball season took a turn for the worse last night with a sound 24-3 thrashing by Foul Balls. They were good, y'all. They are the highest-scoring team in our league and now I see why. They actually have people who hit it to right field on purpose. In slow-pitch, that's a good thing. Our poor right fielder was running all over the place. It was cold, too, which didn't help. Brrr! I was 2-2 with an RBI. Neither of my hits traveled further than 15 feet down the baseline. It was a swinging bunt night for me.

We fall to 1-5 on the season with four games left to go. Next week is ESAB, and one of the umpires told me last night that they are also a good hitting team. Whee! Go us!


Rake said...

Sounds like fun (not)

You time would be better blogging sounds like.

Sam Brady said...

Actually, it's a lot of fun. At the level we play at, you don't necessarily play to win. We're just out having a good time with friends. If I'm still upright at the end of the night, I'm having fun.

Blogging is fun too, though.

Hence, blogs about softball.