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November 18, 2008

SFC Week 11, Part 2

So the big win held up. 44-12 over Bake-O's. SFC won the week in the league and moves up to #9 in the Power Ranking. We're in third place in the division, just a half-game out of second and a playoff spot. Next week's opponents are MacBain's 69th Highlanders, owned and operated by former Jeopardy contestant and all-around whimiscal guy Rod Bain. MacBain is 4-7 on the year, and their logo features Dick Butkus wearing a kilt. They have a fantastic three-headed RB corps and a decent lineup elsewhere. Looking at their roster I'm not sure how they've only won four games. Hopefully they won't get their fifth this weekend. Tune back in next week for more UFFL updates.

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