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September 23, 2008

In which we won!

Whoo hoo!

Sandy Springs FFC is off the schneid with a 17-6 victory over Joe V's Cellar Monkeys squad. Commish Carrier called the victory "lackluster" but I think he's still sulking after I called him a con man a couple of weeks ago. It was a good win! I actually picked the right kicker! And Mojo scored! Steve Slaton got points on the bench so he'll be moving into the rotation next week.

SFC is up to 10th in the Power Rankings and has the honor, nay, the privilege of competing against the number 1 ranked Egomaniacs next week. They are 3-0 and are scoring nearly 40 points a game so far behind the efforts of Jay Cutler, Terrell Owens, and Michael Turner (The Burner). His other RB's include Felix Jones and LaDanian Tomlinson, so you see why he is off to such a good start.

EGOBOYS GOING DOWN. You heard it here first.

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