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February 23, 2008

In which Gracie and Girl met Rosie

MAGGIE VALLEY, NC - Greetings from the mountains!  We're in Maggie Valley for the weekend, and today we went to the dog park.  There's a new dog park in town, and Darlene's folks have taken their dog (Lil' Girl) there a few times.  She usually stays on her leash; she's pretty aggressive with other animals, so they let her run but don't let her run free.  There are two pens at the park, and one of them was empty when we arrived, so we went to the empty one and let both dogs off their leashes to run around.They went nuts.

I had never seen Gracie running at a full sprint off her leash and it was a lot of fun watching her explore.  Her Jack Russell half really showed with the way she was moving.  Eventually another dog came by, Rosie the Basset hound.  We spoke to Rosie's mom over the fence for a few minutes and she decided to bring her in and let her play with our dogs.  We kept Girl on the leash for a while, but eventually we let her off and all three dogs had a great time playing together.  It was the first time we've seen Girl interact with a "stranger" dog without a lot of barking and growling.  It was cool.  We got their phone number, so maybe Mom can get together with them again another time for Girl and Rosie to play some more.

Supposedly there is a dog park under development at home in Sandy Springs, so we're going to look into it and start taking Gracie.  She had a great time today, and so did we.  I think it would be fun taking her to meet some new dogs closer to home.  We'll keep you posted.

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Rake said...

how cute.


dog park?

who knew?

we have not pets.