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February 26, 2008

In whch we got swept

I started the softball season last night. That's right, I'm playing on a company softball team. It's not an "official" company team, and not all the players are from our office, but most of them are. The last CPS team to play in this league went 1-9, with the only win coming by forfeit. I was not part of that team, obviously. There are several new players on the team this year, so hopefully there will be more success.

It's a co-ed league. This means, among other things, that there cannot be more men than women on the field. There are other rules, meant to offset the alleged physical advantage that men have over women. I say "alleged" because in our second game, most of their women hit better than our men. Oy. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We played two games last night. Our first was against Wild Wings and we lost 11-7. They didn't bring us any wings, either. I played catcher, which means I had little to do in the field. Catchers in slow pitch don't do much. All my throws back to the pitcher were accurate, though, and my right shoulder hurts today, so yay me! Our pitcher, Kristin, went to Parkview and graduated in the same class as Jeff Francoeur, which means she was four when I graduated from Parkview. Oh--the game? Right, sorry. As I said, we lost and I played catcher. I was 2-3 at the plate, with a double, 2 RBI's, and I scored a run--I tagged up at third and scored standing on a deep fly to left. I beat out an infield grounder for my second hit when their 1B couldn't dig out a throw in the dirt. Not a bad game for me.

So of course, I didn't play in the second game. We had nine men show up, and since only five can be in the field due to the co-ed rules, four of us had sit out each game. Our poor women: only five showed up, so they all had to play both games. Lifepoint Christian Church beat us in the nightcap, 17-1. Again, I didn't play. Coincidence, or a bunch of Christians who would have hit the @#$% out of the ball no matter who was on the field? I suspect the latter. The mercy rule was invoked after the fourth inning, sparing us further indignity. They invited us to pray with them after the game. Probably because they felt guilty for the caning they gave us. I coached first base when we were hitting, so at least I got on the field.

It was fun. I haven't played on a softball team since I was in the Air Force--1996, maybe? I had forgotten how much fun it can be, even if you're not winning. Running around, yelling and cheering, swinging a bat--it's a good time. We have eight games left over the next seven weeks. I'll post little recaps after each game, if I think of it. The league is run by the Alpharetta Recreation and Parks Department and plays out of North Park in Alpharetta. We play every Monday. If you want to know when we're playing, drop me a line and I'll let you know. Come out and cheer us on! You know you want to.


Rake said...

I last played on your company team maybe 10 years ago. I realized then, I was too old for that stuff.

Alas, 10 years later - I wouldn't even try.

I am glad you are getting out there. Those youngn's can really make you feel old though.

Good Luck!

Sam Brady said...

You played on my company team?

Rake said...

no...writers slip

Sam Brady said...

Hate it when that happens.