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February 4, 2007

In which I give mad propz and compose haiku

I'm on record as saying for years that Peyton Manning is the most gifted quarterback of our generation. He's extremely intelligent, has a broad knowledge of his offense and the game as a whole, and seems to be a genuinely nice fellow off the field as well, even if he is from Louisiana. Still, something has been lacking over the years that took me out of the cult of Peyton. I've always called him a "head case" and never thought he would win a big game. I certainly didn't think he would ever win a Super Bowl.

Well, now he has. It's about time.

Bravo, Peyton, and congratulations to Liz, Heather, and all the other long-suffering Peytonites out there. He's still got a couple championships to go to match my cousin Tom Brady, but I'm glad he finally won the big one. I'll concede that he deserves it (I'm still not a fan, so don't go thinking I'm getting soft in my middle age), and it looks like the Colts are going to be class champions. I can accept that.

Here's my haiku, Super Bowl-style:

The rain beads on the
Lombardi Trophy while I
go start the dryer

With that said and done, now let's figure out a way to get Mike Vick a Super Bowl ring.


"The Rake" said...

Mike Vick doesn't have what it takes to get to the super bowl. I wish - but he lacks something.

Sam Brady said...

Wide receivers. That's what he lacks.