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October 25, 2006

In which I finally get it over with

You ever heard the word "blogslacking"? I picked it up while trolling the Ben/Wanda/Megan blogumverate. It means you have a blog but you don't write in it. My name is Sam Brady and I am a blogslacker. By trying to cure my blogslack, I have now become a workslacker as well, in that I am writing in my blog when I should actually be working. Lo, I am a master of the myriad forms of slack-fu.

I've been meaning, at some point, to tell the long, sort-of-funny, fully annotated version of the stove story but it's been four months now, so what's the point any more, really, you know? I'll beat that long-dead horse by giving you the down-and-dirty, then move on with my blog and my life. Our stove caught on fire in June or July (might have even been May). Twice. In one day. Pithy e-mails were exchanged between my wife and me. We eventually got a new stove, but it was too big for our stove hole. My brother came over one night and made our stove hole bigger. Yay Bill! And Steven helped. We have been enjoying our new stove for many weeks now. I think it's this one. If it's not, it looks a lot like it, so roll with it.

So that's the stove story. I'm sure you're saying, "We waited all this time for that?" Talk about your anticlimaxes.

I know I had other things to tell you, but I really can't think of any of them right now so I'll go away and try and get some work done before I go home. Hopefully the amount of my blogslack will decline. I'll do my best, but no promises.

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Anonymous said...

Dear love of my life! You made me start a blog and I love it. But you seem to have forgotten all about yours! I mean there are so many things you could be writting about like.......ME,or ME or ME!!! Plus you have 4 kids and a dog that have enough drama to write about. Then you could tell everyone here what you getting me for Christmas and I promise not to peek at your blog!!!!