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September 1, 2006

In which I still don't tell you about the stove

I'm still not going to tell you about the stove (sorry Ben), but I have a good reason. I'm announcing the founding of a new blog, Thanks for FLYING DELTA, written by my lovely wife, the sexy and beautful Darlene Brady! I put a link to it on my sidebar. You should go read it because she'll probably spend a lot of time talking about how wonderful I am. I am, you know, and being smart enough to marry her proves it.

I'm also going to start playing around with mobile posting and e-mail posting, so look for odd pictures from time to time as I take pics on my cell phone and send them in. Not sure when I'm going to start with that, but I found out you could do it the other day and I think it sounds cool. Not as cool as my wife, but still pretty damn cool.

Anyway, we're in Maggie Valley for Labor Day, so maybe I can take some time out while we're here to finally tell you about the stove. Here's a sneak preview--it caught on fire and we got a new one. Stay tuned for the details. If I ever tell 'em to you.

My wife said say holla, so... HOLLA!

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"The Rake" said...

Have fun in Maggy Valley.