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November 26, 2008

Down goes SFC!

We lose! MacBain beat Sandy Springs FFC 32-17 to drop SFC to 5-7. Neither RB scored, and Leon Washington had 18 points on the bench. Leon has more points this season than Slaton does but hasn't started a game for me. I think it's time for a lineup change, especially with the Jets playing Denver this week.

Chunky Soup clinched the division, but SFC is still in the hunt for a wild card slot. Here are the SFC playoff scenarios directly from the UFFL website:

* Earn playoff spot with 2 wins and 1 Men O'War loss and 1 MacBain loss.
* If win 1, lose 1: will earn playoff spot with 2 losses by MOW and 2 losses by McB and Bake-O's loss in Week 14.
* Eliminated with 2 losses.

I guess that's it in a nutshell, innit? This week's opponent is Lethal Weapon 4, who are 1-10-1 and have 11 of their 18 players that aren't even active in the NFL. They can't even put a full lineup on the field--Keyshawn Johnson is one of their starting WR's. That's a big reason they've only won one game this year. I'm not getting cocky, but I'm hopeful. MOW and BAK play each other and McB plays Munchen Mavericks. I'll be cheering for BAK and MM.

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