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March 11, 2008

In which I flabble about a few different things

We played softball last night. Alpharetta First United Methodist beat us 15-5, dropping our record to 1-3. This is the second time a church team has beaten the paint off us. Why can't we compete with Christians? Steve and I were talking about it during the game and decided it must be like Notre Dame football. God just cares more about their teams than He does ours. Hmph. They didn't even invite us to pray with them, either, like the other ones did. I only played a couple of innings at catcher. A nondescript 1-1 at the plate. A pretty dull evening all around, at least until we went to Krystal on the way home. Mmmmm....Krystal... We play the Tornadoes next week.

Has anyone ever tried to read Umberto Eco? If you've tried and actually succeeded, you're a more diligent (read: masochistic) reader than I am. I started Foucault's Pendulum the other day. My God. I didn't even make it through the first 50 pages. I got so tired trying to wade through all the words to find a plot that I just put it away. All I could figure out was that someone was trying to hide in a museum and I think there were flashbacks, but I never really figured out why they were flashing back or why he was trying to hide. I was lost before I even got to page 10. It's been a long time since I put a book down without finishing it, but this one... Oy. I've heard Eco makes his books obtuse in the beginning on purpose, to drive away those who don't want to make the effort to read them. Well, I don't, so I am hence driven away. I don't want to work that hard for my reading pleasure. Dune was hard, but at least I found a hook and got into the story. Here, there was no hook, at least in the first 45-50 pages. If there's one after that, sorry, I'm already gone. Hopefully my own book will be a different experience for the reader.

So I put it up and started Nightfall again instead, for about the 10th time. I can always read that one. No fuss, no muss.

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Rake said...

Yeah... uh.... You lost me way back there. Good luck on reading.