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December 4, 2007

In which I tell you about SFC v. BAK

I lost the fantasy football game. It wasn't 59-2, but Sandy Springs FFC fell to Bake-O's 31-21. To his credit, Shim hasn't yet gloated. I started the wrong running back. If I'd started Leon Washington at RB instead of Chicago's Adrian Peterson, I'd've won. As a result of the game, Bake-O's moves into first place in the Barney Division and can clinch the title this weekend with a win over Men O'War. SFC plays Lethal Weapon 4, who have Peyton Manning at QB, but not much else. If SFC wins and Bake-O's lose, SFC pulls out the division title. If SFC scores 45 points, they capture the all-time scoring record. That's not likely to happen, with the Pats playing Pittsurgh, but hopefully the W can still come through and give us the division title. More updates as events warrant. Wish me luck!

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