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November 1, 2007

In which WRV began to recover

I went outside to walk the dog this morning. There was still a fire truck in the parking lot. They'd been there all night looking out for hot spots. I asked the driver how things looked inside the building. He said it wasn't as bad as it seemed from the parking lot. The worst damage was to the roof and a few top floor units. According to him, the middle and lower floors were actually in pretty good shape.

By the time I got home from this afternoon, a chain-link fence had been erected around the building and people had begun to go back in and were bringing items out. TV's, furniture, computers, even a pink and purple Dora pup tent had been set up next to the fence. The mood was much happier and more relaxed. One of the ladies who had spent part of yesterday trying to beat the fire and get important papers and pictures out before they burned, and who thought she had lost everything else, appeared to have salvaged quite a bit. That made my wife happy, as they had spent a lot of time yesterday talking.

There's quite a bit of work to be done to get the building back in shape. We still don't know whether a full rebuild will be needed or if they'll be able to use what's there and just redo the top third of the building. The board is confident that insurance will pay for it, and that there won't be an assessment. Our fingers are crossed. Things are a lot more optimistic around here than they were this time yesterday. That's always a good thing. Now, if only the Falcons can start winning...

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"The Rake" said...

Glad to hear everyone is okay. I am sure that is real scary.

Thanks for the shout out.