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March 2, 2007

In which it's time for pain

I'm an evil husband. I introduced my wife to Snood tonight.

For those of you who haven't been infected, Snood is the most insidious, evil, addictive game in the world. It's even more addictive than Tetris, and that's saying something. Walter introduced me to it many wasted hours ago. I hadn't played it in a long, long time, though, and rediscovered it earlier this week. Darlene is a Tetris addict, so I thought she'd enjoy the new challenge. We spent the evening on Journey, alternating levels, just seeing how far we could go. We had a good time, and she's now addicted to Snood as well.

"End it now!" - Snood Guy
"I just did! HA!" - my wife


Walter said...

I had forgotten about that game. Evil indeed. It cheats! No, really, it does! There's no WAY I could have missed that shot!

Did you get the pics from the birthday bash?

Sam Brady said...

Yes we did. Thanks!

Snood doesn't cheat; you just don't know how to play properly.

Walter said...


Benjamin said...

Hey, *I* never got pics from the birthday bash, you gunkies!

O lord, I had to uninstall Snood from my computer. That game wasted more hours of my life than playing 1,000,000 rummy with Sammy did (hint : we never finished that game).

"The Rake" said...

Never heard of Snood but I guess I will have to give it a try.

Sam Brady said...

That "try" will eventually take more of your life than poker ever did, Rake.

"The Rake" said...

It's hard to believe something could take that many hours from your life - but I know how deep I once got into poker. The hours my family must have endured.