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October 14, 2005


I just walked out to my car to get my CD’s (almost time for some Rammstein here in the office) and experienced something that made me smile. It’s a beautiful, crisp autumn morning. I have been waiting for this. Wanda commented on it a few days ago on their journal, but I’m going to say it here. It’s about time that fall arrived. The sun is shining, there’s a little nip in the air (currently 64 degrees according to weather.com), and the air has that moist-leaf smell that autumn seems to bring out. I love it! Of course, it’s supposed to get up to around 80 today and that is just wrong for mid-October. Bring on the 56 degree afternoons! At least we’re on the way.

The first thought that hit my head (after, "Oh my God, what a gorgeous morning!") was that this is Football Weather. I have the urge now to check the paper and see if any of the local high schools have a home game tonight. Maybe I’ll go. Hot dogs! Football! Marching bands! It’s a rite of autumn, and now that autumn is finally in the air I should participate. It definitely takes me back to my childhood. There’s nothing like a high school football game. That’s a story, though, for when I am not supposed to be working instead of blogging.

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Lynn said...

Welp, me being the Pennsylvanian I am, I get to experience Autumn full force! Complete with wet leave smell AND 56 degree temps! When I am in the single digits freezing my buns off, YOU will be telling me how toasty WARM it is outside!