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September 27, 2005


Says here, Vinny Testaverde is set to rejoin the New York Jets. That's really funny. Back when the Jets stunk it up so badly in Week 1, my friend Welchy the Jets fan was excoriating Chad Pennington and I suggested the Jets bring back Vinny. Now look what's happened. Pennington is out for the year, and where do the Jets turn? To the Vinman. I tell ya, I'm in the wrong career field.

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Anonymous said...

Vin man has had some of the greatest seasons in NFL history. He threw 33 TDs and 12 ints for a 4-12 Baltimore Ravens team during the mid-90's. He threw 29 TDs and 7 ints for a Jets playoff team under the Tuna. Of course, he wouldn't be my first choice for a starter if the existence of the world were at stake, but if your the Jets, beggars can't be choosers . . .